JEDCO's Mission to Create Economic Development

Mission Statement

JEDCO’s mission is to promote, encourage and enhance the creation of jobs and expansion of the local tax base. It does this in two main ways:

  • Through projects that help in the retention and expansion of existing primary employers.
  • Through programs that attract new employers and aid in their development and growth.

Board Members

  • Sid Stover (President)
  • Bill Snelson (Vice President)
  • Tom Herbst (Secretary)
  • Eddie Hopkins (Treasurer)
  • Randy Sayers (Mayor)
  • Kari Ellis (Executive Director)
  • Gary Coker (Legal Counsel)
  • Willie King
  • Dan Walker
  • Allan Chesnut
  • Stephen Ernest
  • Ky Griffin
  • Ed Few
  • Kenneth Brooks
  • Richard Clower
  • Tressy Morgan
  • Tommy Schofield
  • Dr. Larry Brown
  • Marvin McDonald

JEDCO Board Agendas and Minutes